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SikaAxson renamed as Sika Advanced Resins

SikaAxson has been renamed as Sika Advanced Resins, marking a new step in the integration of the Sika Group. The name Sika Advanced Resins reflects the desire to highlight the synergies provided by the Sika Group. Sika Advanced Resins is a leading supplier and developer of high-performance resins for the tooling and composite materials industry. 

“This new identity strengthens Sika Advanced Resins’ positioning in relation to its competitors, as it gives visibility to the activities of the entire Group and allows us to better position ourselves in our markets. Today, the BU is the number one tooling company in Europe and is aiming to become the world leader in the formulation of high-performance epoxy and polyurethane resins for tooling, composites and dielectrics,” Morten Muschak, head of Sika Advanced Resins said in a press release. 

Sika Advanced Resins will benefit from enhanced synergy with the Sika Group’s international network of experts. The business unit remains focused on its core businesses: tooling, composites, and encapsulation (electrical/electronic), offering customised solutions to its customers worldwide. Sika Advanced Resins’ know-how has applications in the aeronautics, automotive, nautical, and rail sectors as well as their subcontractors in foundry, modelling, and rapid prototyping. 

To innovate and develop sustained growth in these sectors, Sika Advanced Resins invests significantly in R&D every year. Its strength lies in its six R&D centres located in France, Germany, China, the United States, Mexico, and Japan.

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