Switzerland: Uster cotton contamination control a hit in Texhong group

Uster Technologies, a high-technology instrument manufacturer of products for quality measurement and certification for the textile industry, has announced that its machineries for total cotton contamination control have proved to be successful at China’s Texhong Group. Texhong Group is engaged in the production of quality yarn, fabrics, and cotton. 

Texhong has five fully-equipped Uster laboratories for fibre and yarn testing. The equipment includes Uster HVI1000 and Uster AFIS PRO 2 for fibre tests, Uster Tester 5 and 6, Uster Tensorapid 4 and Tensojet 4 for yarn tests, and Uster Classimat 5 for yarn classification. 

Uster’s solution is based on the concept of stopping contamination at two vital stages of production – in the blowroom and at winding – using a coordinated approach. This is total contamination control, enabling the spinner to balance precise quality standards against process efficiency in a unique ‘dual control’ method which guarantees satisfaction for both spinner and customer, using world-leading Uster technologies. 

The first control point is at the preparation stage, as the Uster Jossi Vision Shield removes foreign matter after the fine cleaner in the blowroom. The second control point comes at the end of the production process, as Uster Quantum 3 yarn clearers check the yarn during winding. At this point, the clearing settings can be adjusted to give exactly the required tolerance of defect levels, matched to the mill’s productivity targets. 

These two control systems, acting in tandem, have the technological sophistication to identify all types of foreign matter defects in raw cotton and yarn, whether the contamination is natural or synthetic material. Even white polypropylene (PP) is detected by the Uster Jossi Vision Shield and Uster Quantum 3. Together, these systems assure a maximum efficient way to eliminate all contamination. 

At Texhong, the application of total contamination control made an impressive impact. Results now showed only 15 foreign fibre defects per 20 kilograms of fabric. Today the group has a total of 22 Uster Jossi Vision Shield 2 units with Uster Jossi Magic Eye installed in its various plants. In winding, 600 of its 700 machines are equipped with Uster Quantum 3 with FD detection – all connected to the Uster Quantum Expert. The system integrates all central control units (CCU) at Texhong, which means that clearing settings for each article need only be defined once, and can then be distributed to the multiple clearing units. Consistent quality is an important side-effect of this facility.

Source: Thailand Business News, Thailand
Thursday, 09 November 2017

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