Retailers back up CEA''s cotton accreditation process

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Major retailers have voiced their support for the Cotton Egypt Association’s (CEA’s) drive to rid the supply chain of falsely labelled Egyptian cotton goods. CEA has started a new rigorous accreditation process and ability to DNA test products. Egyptian cotton fibre is one of the best cotton in the world because of its length, strength, and softness. 

Manufacturers who do not meet the new criteria will no longer be licensed to produce Egyptian cotton products or use the trademarked logo. 

John Lewis category technical manager, home, Tracy Saunders said, “We support the measures being taken by the CEA to root out dishonest manufacturers and counterfeit goods from the supply chain and have welcomed the opportunity to work in collaboration with the CEA in setting out requirements to assure the provenance of Egyptian cotton product.” 

Catherine McCann, Dunelm technical and sourcing director said, “We fully support the new accreditation process put into place by the CEA to protect the Egyptian cotton brand, and will be continuing to insist suppliers meet those standards as a condition of trade with Dunelm.” 

Khaled Schuman, executive director of the CEA said, “We welcome the support from these key retailers. Their support and confidence in the process is what we need to overcome the spectre of falsehood, which has sought to tarnish the Egyptian cotton brand name. Our goal is to bolster confidence, assure retailers that they will not encounter any compliance issues and reclaim Egyptian cotton as the ultimate luxury cotton brand.” 

The CEA has also partnered with leading testing and verification body, Bureau Veritas. The process, which has been endorsed by several academic and professional bodies, works by extracting DNA from cotton fibres, yarns, woven, knitted, fabric, or finished apparel. This can then be used to identify the origin and source of the fibres and the percentage of genuine Egyptian cotton in a product. Only manufacturers found to be producing 100 per cent Egyptian cotton goods will receive the accreditation. (GK)
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

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