Enhanced Retail unveils RetailNarrative version 2.0

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Enhanced Retail Solutions, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail analytic and demand planning solutions to suppliers, licensors, and retail trading partners, has launched Retail Narrative version 2.0. The expert system aggregates and asks questions of retail POS and demand planning data and determines the relevance and value of taking action.

The version 2.0 brings a multitude of new features. The added, simpler interface provides the user with a more focused view, showing one priority at a time. The user can “slide” through the opportunities. Each opportunity shows the dollar impact of taking action and is accompanied with a template that contains the required information to do so, such as a calculated store level replenishment, more optimal allocation, or forecast.

An improved notification system and “themed” workbooks help the user with key functions. For example, if narrative sees that gross margins are down, it will offer up a margin worksheet to communicate and negotiate with the buyer. Another workbook focuses on assortment optimisation; the system will perform SKU optimisation on its own, highlighting items that should continue in the assortment and those that should not. Another workbook contains a business overview that can be used for a meeting with the buyer.

The system provides automatic emailing of the dashboard on a weekly basis. There is a section for users to pin opportunities they intend to take action on in one dashboard. A user can even assign a pinned opportunity to another person in their organisation.

Jim Lewis, founder and CEO of Enhanced Retail Solutions said, “Suppliers, retailers, and licensors spend days creating reports and presentations to study the health of their business and work with the appropriate people to improve it. RetailNarrative brings the expertise, analytics and merchandising concepts together in one place, on its own, in seconds." (GK)

Monday, 16 April 2018

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