Morarjee introduces ViroShield protective fabrics

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Morarjee Textiles Ltd, a vertically integrated textile company manufacturing high-end products in prints, dyed and yarn dyed fabrics in a variety of substrates, has launched ViroShield range of protective finishes in collaboration with two global companies—Australia-based Health Guard Corporation Pvt Ltd and Switzerland-based HeiQ Materials AG.

ViroShield by Morarjee meets anti-viral efficacy of 99.99 per cent on all corona strains including COVID-19, as per ISO18184 anti-viral test and Bacteriostatic efficacy test ISO 20743. The fabrics have a special chemical molecule which destroys the envelope cell wall of the virus, and as a result the virus dies. Thus, it helps in minimising the chance of re-transmission of pathogens by killing viruses and bacteria upon contact with the fabric.

"As a leading supplier of premium and niche fabric to the global brands, we bring the anti-viral fabric ViroShield from the house of Morarjee," said Harsh Piramal, vice-chairman of Morarjee Textiles Ltd.

ViroShield is compatible with all textile substrates, gives protection from droplets and fluids, and is made using eco-friendly organic cotton. In addition to being anti-viral and anti-bacterial, the finish is anti-odour, hygienic, skin compatible, non-irritating, and has no impairment on hand feel.

The anti-viral finish on the fabric persists up to 30 home/laundry washes at 40 degree centigrade, the India-based company said.

"In today''s situation, safe and resistant fabrics are key to normal life, and we present the fabrics with anti-viral finishes in our ViroShield range," said Morarjee Textiles MD Rajendar Rewari.

To explain more about ViroShield, Morarjee Textiles has scheduled a webinar on Thursday, July 9, 2020, at 12.00 p.m. India time.

Tuesday, 07 July 2020

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