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Lycra showing sustainable denim fabrics at Kingpins

At the ongoing Kingpins Amsterdam tradeshow, The Lycra Company is showcasing new denim fabrics with its sustainable innovations. The sustainable offerings include Lycra fibre 166L which was recently awarded a gold level material health certificate by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute. The two-day trade event will conclude on Thursday.

“By specifying Lycra fibre 166L in denim and woven fabrics, mills, brands, and retailers can be assured of transparency about the product’s ingredients and suppliers as well as The Lycra Company’s commitment to continuously improving the sustainability profile of its products,” said Jean Hegedus, ready-to-wear director for The Lycra Company. The 166L fibre is produced at The Lycra Company’s plants in China, Singapore, and Northern Ireland and is widely available.

In addition to Lycra fibre 166L, the company will also display customers’ fabrics made with its EcoMade technology, including Lycra T400 and Coolmax fibres. The EcoMade versions of these products offer the same performance benefits as their standard counterparts, while being made partly from recycled materials. The latest innovation to be launched within this group is Coolmax Natural Touch technology, which uses a patented composite yarn structure to deliver enhanced moisture management and a natural appearance and hand.

“We’re very excited about the prospects for Coolmax Natural Touch technology,” Hegedus said. “We previewed the concept at the last Kingpins show and since then, we’ve seen a very positive response.” 

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