Georgia cotton hammered by Michael

Georgia cotton and other crops suffer extensive damage from Hurricane Michael.

Georgia’s cotton crop prospects took an economically devastating hit from Hurricane Michael. Georgia Department of Agriculture estimates indicate that no more than 15 percent of the crop had been harvested when the strongest storm ever to hit southwest Georgia roared across the region.

Much of the cotton was at its most vulnerable stage, defoliated, open and ready to harvest.

Reports from several farmers and crop consultants point to total loss of cotton over much of the southwest Georgia production area.

Peanuts dug and drying also suffered massive damage and pecans groves will lose this year’s nut crop as well as many trees.

The day before the storm hit, estimates predicted crop damage to approach $1 billion.

Damage to property is also expected to be significant.

These photos from Georgia Department of Agriculture and farmers Tom Windhausen and Johnny Cochran show the scope of cotton losses.

Source: Delta Farm Press, Georgia
Friday, 12 October 2018

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