Make way for cotton, say bye to denim this summer

SURAT: Implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and concurrent impact of recession have not only hit the power loom sector hard, but even the textile processing sector is feeling the pinch.
Majority of textile dyeing and printing mills have reduced production of finished fabrics by almost 40 per cent in the last fortnight due to recession, money crisis and weavers drastically reducing production of grey fabrics.

Industry sources said textile sector is on the brink of collapse due to the negative impact of GST. The cost of raw material required for processing of grey fabrics has shot up by almost 30 per cent. Besides, textile mill owners were compelled to increase wages of textile workers on May 1. Most of the textile workforce moved out of the city to attend marriage and other social events in their hometowns. The workers who stayed back were demanding wage hike as they had to work full-time to meet production needs in the factories.

At present, textile processors have been facing severe liquidity crunch as textile traders have been delaying payments up to 100 days for various reasons, including recession, slowdown in fabric demand etc.

South Gujarat Textile Processors’ Association (SGTPA) president Jitu Vakharia said, “Production of finished fabrics in textile processing mills has come down by almost 40 per cent. There is a serious shortage of cash rotation in the market. We are not getting cash money for paying wages to workers. The cost of raw materials has appreciated by almost 30 per cent.”

Vakharia added, “The situation is going to remain the same till Diwali festival. Power loom weavers are operating their units for just eight hours, which means the production of grey fabrics will come down to just 1.5 crore metre per day.”

A textile mill owner Anand Tulsiyan said, “The future of textile sector looks grim. The payment crisis is so serious that we can’t even think of operating the factories. This was the reason why the processors increased job charges by almost 15 per cent to cope up with the losses.”

Get latest news & live updates on the go on your pc with News App. Download TheTimes of India news app for your deWith the summer heat scorching and the level soaring, is a serious concern for many. In this scenario, selecting the right fabric is a necessity so opt for the right clothing that makes you feel fresh.

Designers and list some must haves fabrics and few avoidable ones.

*Must have fabrics

* Cotton: Beyond any doubt pick up that cotton dress or the cotton shirt from your wardrobe. It not only makes you look smart and elegant but also scores high on the level.

* Reason: During summer it is a general tendency to sweat a lot and in such a situation cotton is just the apt fabric that absorbs this sweat. This helps in giving the much required relief and helps in cooling down your body temperature. In addition, cotton fabric gives you a relief if you are prone to any allergic reaction. Thus, cotton is just too apt for your sensitive skin.

*Linen: The pastel coloured linen wear is just so perfect for your summer days. Fret no more and choose the right linen wear for yourself.

* Reason: Tired of threat of unnecessary sweat? Considering that linen is highly absorbent and a of heat it helps in keeping your body free of moisture. So, the linen dress or blouse not just feels good to touch but also quickly removes your perspiration during the summer days.

* Khadi: Khadi saris to the dress to shirts, it is the perfect wear for your summer evening.

* Reason: Khadi is that handloom fabric which uses no in  This skin friendly hand oven, organic fabric is just too perfect for your summer days.

* Sheer: This is the ideal fabric for humid days. It is the fall and the interesting cut of the fabric makes it a must-have in your summer days.

* Reason: As a fabric usually meant for wedding gowns or floral costumes or stockings or lingerie sheer does very little in the way of warmth for the wearer. This is the reason why it is one of the favourite fabrics for summer wear.

* Avoidable fabrics

* Denim: Denim is a strict no for your summer days. It hugs your body too much and creates unnecessary suffocation in summer.

* Synthetic wear: Never indulge in a mix fabric in summer. It creates discomfort and may sometimes cause skin infections in this regard.vice. Read more City news in English and other languages.

Source: The Asian Age, India
Wednesday, 16 May 2018

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