Pakistan: Pakistan should exploit GSP potential envoy

LAHORE: European Union Ambassador to Pak­istan Jean Francois Cau­tain said on Monday that the country has done well on trade enhancement after the GSP+ incentive but there is a lot of potential to increase the trade volume further.“The EU is in the process to finalise a new engagement plan to further strengthen relations bet­ween Pakistan and EU,” he said while addressing the members of Pakistan Textile Exporters Ass­ociation (PTEA).

Ambassador Cautain said relations between the EU and Pakistan have reached a mature level and needs to be strengthened further.EU had adopted a 5-year Engagement Plan in 2012, which broadened and deepened the relationship bet­ween the European Uni­on and Pakistan.“The EU is reviewing the progress on implementation of 27 UN conventions pertaining to human rig­hts, labour rights, climate change, narcotics control and corruption. This rev­iew is a part of the sch­eme which monitors progress in terms of the convention and then submits a country report to the EU parliament,”

While responding a question, the EU ambassador appr­eciated Pakistan’s effo­rts in fighting terrorism and assured full cooperation in portraying the soft image of Pakistan in EU countries. In addition, he highlighted various initiatives that have been taken by the EU to help in the economic development of Pakistan.Earlier PTEA Chairman Shaiq Jawed briefed the EU Ambassador about the progress of textile industry and highlighted the prospects of future increase of textile exports to EU.

Source: Pakistan Tribune, Pakistan
Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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