USA: NW Materials Show debuts MADE @ NW Materials area

On its 25th anniversary, the semi-annual NW Materials Show, to be held during February 7-8, 2018 in Portland, is to debut an area for inspiring designers, makers and creatives with bold visuals, design services and demonstrations. The Materials and Apparel Design Experience (MADE) at the NW Materials Show gives an opportunity to touch and feel new products. 

MADE @ NW Materials Show will showcase bold fabrics and prints from exhibitors like Laundry Studio as well as textiles digitally printed by KinStitch. Apparel design service providers will offer on-site consultations, including Portland Apparel Lab (PAL) and Creative Capital Design. Makers and creatives of all varieties will enjoy 3D scanning, print and sculpture work from Form, as well as learn about local Portland makerspaces. Attendees will get a hands-on experience with MADE’s hands-on materials showcase and free projects from DIY Bar. 

In addition to MADE@NWMaterialsShow, show attendees will network with peers and connect to over 250 suppliers from around the world showcasing leathers, textiles, hardware, and apparel and footwear components. There will be a presentation by influential trend consulting agency, Peclers Paris, exploring socio-cultural trends and creative concepts that will influence design for the next three-five years. With an increased focus on fashion apparel, technology and maker culture, the NW Materials Show has broad crossover appeal for a range of industries.

Source: Daily Freeman, U.S.A
Tuesday, 23 January 2018

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