USA: Huntsman unveils High IQ Lasting Colour & Lasting White

Huntsman Textile Effects, a provider of high quality dyes and chemicals to the textile and related industries, has further updated the High IQ performance assurance programme. The company has unveiled High IQ Lasting Colour and Lasting Colour eco, plus High IQ Lasting White with cutting-edge fluorescent whitening agents and stain management technologies. 

Through the new High IQ Lasting Colour and updated High IQ Lasting White programmes, Huntsman Textile Effects helps consumers choose sustainable textile products that retain their vivid colours and bright whites to deliver a longer usable life. Only mills that meet Huntsman’s stringent requirements earn the right to use the High IQ hang tags as point-of-sale product branding. 

High IQ Lasting Colour, the world’s only colour retention programme, is powered by specially selected NOVACRON dyes and allows mills produce fabrics that retain their exciting vibrant colours and dark shades even after repeated washing. Based on tests using EU and US home-laundering programmes, fabrics made under the High IQ Lasting Colour programme will not fade, and there is little risk of colour staining on other garments during washing. 

As an extension, Huntsman is also introducing High IQ Lasting Colour eco programme for textiles produced with a minimal environmental footprint. It relies on Huntsman’s award-winning AVITERA SE reactive dyes to reduce water and energy consumption by up to 50 per cent compared to best-available technologies. Excellent washing-off performance shortens processing time and increases productivity. 

High IQ Lasting White delivers very high and brilliant whites on cellulosic fibres, combining our latest generation of Fluorescent Whitening Agents under the well-known UVITEX range with environment-friendly fluorinated (C6) or non-fluorinated stain repel and release technologies. It is wash-fast in production and home laundering, even at high temperatures, and it resists and washes out household stains to ensure garments keep their newness for longer. 

High IQ Lasting White is ideal for ready-to-wear, business wear, underwear, casualwear, and home textiles that need to withstand the rigors of everyday life and retain their brilliant whiteness. 
Huntsman’s High IQ global performance assurance programme helps mills, brands, and retailers produce high-performance textiles with enhanced comfort, sun protection, friction reduction and water repellence, in bright whites and colour that lasts. 

Source: Daily Freeman, U.S.A
Saturday, 02 December 2017

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