United Kingdom: Necat Altin succeeds Heinz Meierkord as CIRFS president

Necat Altin, general manager of Korteks and vice-president of Zorlu Holding Textile Group, has been unanimously elected by the members of CIRFS, European Man-Made Fibres Association, to take on the role of president. He succeeds Heinz Meierkord, CEO of Advansa, whose mandate has expired but will remain a member of the board as past president.

"I am very pleased that Necat Altin has been unanimously elected to follow me as CIRFS president. He has been actively involved in CIRFS work for many years, amongst others in its Board, more recently as its vice-president. Altin has a long experience and a very successful record in the man-made fibres industry, leading a dynamic, innovative and successful Turkish company. He has on many occasions highlighted the indispensable contribution of CIRFS to the industry’s development in Europe and how CIRFS can support the industry in meeting its current and future challenges in a global world," said Heinz Meierkord.

"Heinz Meierkord has strongly supported the association in his period as president, showing how CIRFS can play a key role for the industry by adapting to a constantly changing and very competitive environment. I look forward to continue this mission over the next three years," said Necat Altin."The current situation of the man-made fibres industry, in Europe and also globally, is characterised by recovery although certain uncertainties remain. Our European industry has much strength. Not only is it the most innovative and the most sustainable worldwide, but it also manufactures high quality and highly specialized products, which provide the base for a bright future. CIRFS will continue to actively work to help the industry build on its strengths," added Altin.

Source: News Times, United Kingdom
Saturday, 02 December 2017

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