UAE: Exhibition to showcase Indian textiles to be held in Dubai

The first-ever exhibitionof “incredible Indian textiles” will be held next week in Dubai in which 19companies from India will participate with an aim to forge strategic alliancewith importers in the UAE.The Synthetic & Rayon Textiles ExportPromotion Council (SRTEPC) of India, an apex body of manufacturers andexporters of Man-Made Fibre (MMF) textiles, is organising the exhibition onFebruary 19-20 in association with the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi andConsulate General of India in Dubai.

Nineteen Indian manufacturing or exporting companies –representing product categories from yarn to fabrics, and made-ups, areparticipating, Indian consulate in Dubai said.India is world’ssecond-largest producer of synthetic fibre and yarn, cotton, cellulosic fiberand silk.
Participants in the exhibition will display a wide array ofproducts such as suitings, shirtings, furnishing materials, home textiles,made-ups, and apparels.

The objective of the exhibition is to demonstrate theincredible Indian textiles and of which the MMF Textiles have a rangecontaining blended fabrics, made-ups, yarns including apparels to importers inthe UAE to facilitate sourcing of their specific requirements of textiles fromIndia.Besides forging a strategic alliance and global partnershipbetween UAE buyers and Indian companies, India aims to strengthen the tradeties between the two countries, particularly in the fastest growing man madetextile segments.
India exported synthetic and rayon (MMF) textilesworth USD 5790 million to over 150 countries during 2015-16.

The Middle-East countries have emerged as a leadingdestination for India’s MMF textiles exports with a share of 29 per cent (USD1709.65 million), followed by the Asia 25 per cent (USD 1474.02 million) andthe quality conscious European Union 20 per cent (USD 1170.66 million), thestatement said.Leading markets for India’s MMF textile exports during2015-16 were UAE with 12 per cent share in total exports followed by the US (9per cent) and Turkey (8 per cent).
The UAE imported USD 17 billion worthof textiles and clothing products from the world during 2015.

Source: Zawya, U.A.E, 17-Feb-2017
Friday, 17 February 2017

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